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Who is liable in a rideshare accident?

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Car Accidents

Rideshare companies, such as Lyft and Uber, have become popular with passengers in the past few years due to their convenience. Driving for one of these companies can also be beneficial by providing a side income. However, understanding the legal consequences and determining liability is essential if an accident occurs in Georgia. If you’ve gotten into a crash with a driver working for one of these companies or you were driving or riding in the rideshare vehicle and got injured in a crash, it’s important to understand liability.

Who is liable when driving or riding in the rideshare vehicle?

Driving a rideshare vehicle for a company might mean that you’re considered an employee of the company. If it carries commercial liability insurance, it will probably cover the cost of any injuries you experience from being in an accident.

Riding in a vehicle with this type of service may also mean that you’ll be covered if the rideshare company has an adequate amount of commercial liability insurance. In either situation, having your medical expenses get paid and receiving reimbursement for any lost wages is vital to recovering from an accident.

Who is liable when a collision occurs with a rideshare vehicle?

Operating a vehicle that gets hit by a rideshare vehicle is a situation where it may be challenging to determine liability. Knowing when the driver of the rideshare vehicle is actually “on the clock” and working for the company is a critical question to determine.

If they’re going home after dropping off the last customer, are they still considered an employee if a collision occurs? Determining the answer to this question is important as it means the difference between the rideshare driver being represented by their company or a personal auto collision insurance policy.

Examining and sorting out the answers to these situations is important if you have been injured in a crash. Whether you are eligible for compensation and which insurance company pays will largely depend on who caused the crash.