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Concerns exist about victims speaking to insurers

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

A car accident could leave a victim badly shaken and, worse, injured. Even minor accidents may result in injuries that require an emergency room visit or time away from work. Georgia auto accident victims might feel the financial pinch of an auto accident quickly, so they may want to settle a liability claim without delay. Victims might even wonder about contacting the other driver’s insurance company directly, a plan that could backfire.

When to avoid speaking with an insurance company

Hopefully, the driver whose negligence caused the accident has an appropriate amount of auto liability insurance. If so, a settlement could cover the losses incurred during the collision. Accident victims may become impatient and seek to negotiate directly with the insurance company and its adjuster. Perhaps they may initiate contact because financial pressures are causing them anxiety.

Speaking with the other party’s insurance company could prove disastrous if the victim makes ill-advised statements. Georgia remains a “modified comparative negligence state,” and a victim could mistakenly create the impression that he or she contributed additional fault for the accident. A lower settlement amount may result. The victim could even jeopardize the entire claim.

Negotiating with insurance companies

Speaking to the other driver’s insurance company may be unavoidable since the adjuster will perform an investigation. Negligent motor vehicle accidents could be costly for insurance companies, and the provider might intend to make a lowball offer or get out of paying a claim.

Appointing an experienced representative to handle discussions with an insurance company may be preferable for victims of a car accident. This may keep the negotiations focused and help victims avoid regrettable mistakes like accepting an inadequate settlement.