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How dangerous is distracted driving?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Car Accidents

The mind sometimes wanders when out on Georgia streets and highways. No one wants to get into an accident, but taking attention off the road and wheel courts such a disaster. Distracted driving refers to the dangerous practice of not keeping that necessary attention on the road. Yet, many people continue to embrace actions that cause hazardous distractions.

Distracted driving comes in many forms

Many consider drunk driving the most dangerous and irresponsible action someone could take. Several of these same people may not think there’s much wrong with a “little” distracted driving. Don’t think distracted driving is any less harmful than drunk driving. Both played roles in fatal motor vehicle accident (MVA) disasters. Assuming distracted driving isn’t as bad stands as one reason why people don’t always curb distracting behaviors. A study conducted by AAA shows distracted driving may even be more dangerous than drunk driving.

Rubbernecking reflects a typical distracted driving behavior that isn’t always considered dangerous. However, looking at a car stalled on the road means the driver isn’t looking at the vehicle ahead, a pedestrian crossing an intersection, or whether a light turned red.

And then, some activities could cause even longer distractions, further increasing the chances for a catastrophe. Texting while driving or using the phone might draw the mind far away from the road for several minutes. Hands-free voice activation systems appear to make these actions safer, but appearances aren’t the same as realities.

Distracted driving and negligence

Drivers unconcerned about distracted driving might not realize they could be face liability claims for any resulting accidents. Someone who chooses to engage apps on a touchscreen won’t likely find him or herself feeling more concerned after a multicar accident.

Auto liability insurance may cover some or all the losses a victim suffers. However, the insurance companies could still deny claims or attempt to lowball a settlement.

Victims of distracted driving accidents could ask an attorney about their legal options. The attorney may negotiate an insurance settlement on the client’s behalf.