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Collecting Damages for Injuries Sustained in a Ceiling Collapse

by | May 2, 2018 | Personal Injury

Apartment landlords and owners of commercial buildings have a duty to keep their premises safe for residents, tenants, and guests.  I have handled multiple cases in Georgia where the ceilings of apartment units and/or the common areas of apartment buildings have collapsed and injured residents.  Several of these cases were ceiling collapses in the tenant’s bedrooms while they slept.  Hundreds of pounds of sheetrock, insulation, and debris came crashing down on these clients in the middle of the night causing significant injuries and thousands in medical expenses.  The most frequent cause of a ceiling collapse in an apartment building is water damage from an unrepaired roof leak that accumulates over a long period of time.  Apartment complexes can change ownership every year or two (a tell-tale sign is if the name of your complex keeps changing), and ownership does not spend the time or money to inspect the roof systems of these buildings.  If you live in a top floor unit and notice a water stain on your ceiling, take pictures of the damage, and contact management in writing immediately demanding inspection of not only your unit but the roof system above your unit as well.  If you or any of your neighbors suffer injuries from a ceiling collapse, please contact me.  I have experience with these cases and I can help.